EBSA Meeting 2021 in Vienna

Liebe Biophysikerinnen und Biophysiker!

Ich möchte auf die rasch herannahende Deadline für Abstract-Einreichungen und Early Bird Registrierung für die EBSA 2021 aufmerksam machen. Wie Sie wissen, finden die EBSA Meetings im Wechsel mit den Tagungen unserer eigenen Gesellschaft statt. Damit ist Wien unser wissenschaftliches Highlight in diesem Jahr. Ich teile den Optimismus der Organisatoren, dass die jetzt offiziell angekündigten Eröffnungsschritte die Abhaltung der Tagung in Wien ermöglichen. Dem offiziellen EU-Impfplan zufolge sollten bis dahin die Meisten von uns in den Genuss einer Vakzinierung gekommen sein. In jedem Fall gibt es kein finanzielles Risiko. Wer verhindert ist, kann den Beitrag für die On Site Teilnahme in den geringeren Beitrag für die virtuelle Teilnahme umwandeln und bekommt die Differenz vollständig erstattet.

Lassen Sie die Gelegenheit auf das erste echte Meeting nach einer so langen Durststrecke nicht ungenutzt verstreichen!

Für weitere Informationen, Abstract-Einreichung und Registrierung ist hier der Link:


Bitte schauen Sie auch auf die im Vorfeld stattfindenden  Satellitentagungen. Peter Pohl organisiert beispielsweise ein Satellitenmeeting zu „Proton and proton coupled transport“:


Bis zum baldigen Treffen in Wien!

Mit besten Grüßen,

Thomas Gutsmann

Dear Biophysicists!

I would like to draw your attention to the fast approaching deadline for abstract submissions and Early Bird registration for EBSA 2021. As you know, the EBSA meetings are held in alternation with the meetings of our own society. Thus, Vienna is our scientific highlight this year. I share the optimism of the organizers that the opening steps now officially announced will allow the meeting to be held in Vienna. According to the official EU vaccination schedule, most of us should have been vaccinated by then. In any case, there is no financial risk. Those who are prevented from attending can convert the contribution for on-site participation into the lower contribution for virtual participation and will be fully reimbursed for the difference.

Don't let the opportunity for the first real meeting after such a long dry spell pass you by!

For more information, abstract submission and registration here is the link:


Please also check out the satellite meetings taking place in advance. For example, Peter Pohl is organizing a satellite meeting on "Proton and proton coupled transport":


See you soon in Vienna!

With best regards,

Thomas Gutsmann

DGfB Mini-Symposium - Videos now online !

After the very well received Mini-Symposium of the DGfB on 22 September, you can now access the videos online at the following links:

Kate Poole (University of New South Wales, Sydney): A novel mechanoelectrical transduction pathway that regulates melanoma cell migration and adhesion


Ingrid Tessmer (Julius-Maximilian-Universität of Würzburg): Alkyltransferase-like protein clusters scan DNA rapidly over long distances and recruit NER to alkyl-DNA lesions


Martin Hof (J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, Prague): Lipid Driven Nanodomains are Fluid and Interleaflet Coupled


Meytal Landau (Technion, Haifa): Polymorphic Protein Fibrils in Infectious and Neurodegenerative Diseases 


Sarah Köster (University of Göttingen): Cytoskeletal Filament Mechanics and Interactions


The password is: DGfB

New look of the DGfB

Dear DGfB members, dear Biophysics-enthusiasts,

The German Society for Biophysics has a new look.

New logo

Three new logo designs were suggested and voting among the DGfB members has been very close. All three designs received around 30% of votes. At this point, we would sincerely like to thank everybody for voting!

New website

Most notably, as you might have already seen, we have revised our website. Next to some more inconspicuous improvements we made the following changes:
• The new website is encrypted to guarantee secure logins/registrations[OT1] .
• Now, all information about the DGfB annual and section meetings can be found on our website and registration for these meetings will also occur via the new site.
• All pages are available in German and English. Information regarding international conferences consistently composed in English.
• The website is now also optimized for mobile devices.
• Informational content is more accessible and better structured.

We sincerely hope that you like the new website and ask you to report any problems or mistakes as well as new content you would like to be posted (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Best regards,

The DGfB board

Klaus Arnold Publication Prize

Dr. Klaus Arnold, who was head of the Institute for Medical Physics and Biophysics from 1984 to 2007,  was one of Europe's outstanding biophysicists. His name is linked to scientific achievements over many decades, with important contributions in Membrane Biophysics, Biophysics of Biological Tissues, NMR Spectroscopy and Mass Spectroscopy, to name just a few. He pioneered new techniques and experiments and conquered new fields of research for young biophysicists. Klaus Arnold was born in 1942 and passed away in January 2012. In honor of his contributions to the field of Biophysics, a group of Klaus Arnold's friends have set up a fund to support the careers of young biophysicists (Ph.D. students and young postdoctoral researchers) in Germany. Beginning in 2012, a prize is awarded biannually by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biophysik to the first author of an outstanding publication by a young scientist working in Germany. The prize comprises a 500 € award and a certificate presented at the National Meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biophysik.

Nominations with a short explanatory statement, the candidate's CV and a reprint of the publication nominated for the Klaus Arnold Publication Prize should be submitted to

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Biophysik (DGfB) 
c/o Prof. Dr. Daniel Huster
Leipzig University
Medical Faculty
Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics
Härtelstr. 16-18
04107 Leipzig.

The deadline for the next nominations is 31 August 2018.

Thomas E. Thompson Award an Daniel Huster verliehen

Auf der diesjährigen Tagung der Biophysical Society in San Francisco wurde der renomierte Thomas E. Thompson Award an Daniel Huster verliehen.

Daniel Huster

Wir gratulieren Daniel Huster ganz herzlich zu dem großen erfolg!

Daniel Huster 2

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