Book of abstracts can be found here (pdf).

We are glad to announce the confirmed invited speakers:

Kerstin  Blank Potsdam  Germany
Ingrid Chamma Bordeaux France
Thorben Cordes München Germany 
Guillaume Drin Nice France 
David Dulin Erlangen Germany
Simon Ebbinghaus Braunschweig Germany
Ulrike Endesfelder Marburg Germany
Dina Grohmann Regensburg Germany
Irina Gutsche Grenoble France   
Axel Innis Bordeaux France
Marie Lise Jobin Würzburg Germany
Sigrid Milles Grenoble France
Marcelo Nollmann Montpellier France  
Felix Rico Marseille France
Jonas Ries Heidelberg Germany
Sonja Schmid Delft Netherlands
Indra Schröder Darmstadt Germany
Terence Strick Paris France
Ingrid Tessmer Würzburg Germany
Joanna Timmins Grenoble France
Sven van Teefelen Paris France

The meeting starts 14 February 2019 at 15:00 and ends 16 February 2019. You may stay till 17 February 2019 until breakfast. Please indicate this already during registration.