In Memoriam E. Sackmann

In Memoriam E. Sackmann

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We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our esteemed colleague, mentor, and friend, Prof. Dr. Erich Sackmann passed away on Wednesday, May 25, at the age of nearly 90.

Erich Sackmann studied physics at the Universities of Munich and Stuttgart, earning his PhD in 1964. After a postdoctoral fellowship at Bell Telephone Laboratories in Murray Hill, he became in 1974 full professor of biophysics at the University of Ulm. In 1980, he joined the TU Munich, where he served as Director of the Department of Physics until 2003, and later as Emeritus of Excellence. Throughout his career, he produced nearly 500 publications, including reviews, book chapters, and textbooks.

A visionary and passionate pioneer, Erich Sackmann was instrumental in developing the field of biophysics and was one of the most influential scientists and educators in Germany and beyond. Those fortunate enough to have known him will remember his supportive, friendly, and profoundly knowledgeable presence, especially in the areas of biomembrane dynamics, biopolymer networks, and cellular surface interactions.

His scientific contributions were recognized with prestigious awards, such as the Wolfgang Ostwald Prize from the German Colloid Society and the Stern Gerlach Prize from the German Physical Society. In 2004, he was honored as an honorary member of the German Biophysical Society for his significant contributions to biophysics and his unwavering support for the society.

Erich Sackmann will be profoundly missed both professionally, as a pioneering figure in biophysics, and personally, for his impact on countless scientists’ careers. We are immensely grateful for his teachings and legacy.

We extend our sincere condolences to his family.

On behalf of the German Biophysical Society executive board

Prof. Dr. Klaus Gerwert (President)